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Who we are...

Arts Rising Collective (ARC) Stratford on Avon is a social enterprise created in February 2021 by a group of local artists and creatives, to support the local creative community and develop a multi-artistic hub in the town of Stratford upon Avon.

ARC started out as a grassroots campaign group, Art Rescue Campaign, focusing on building support for local creatives. The campaign then transformed into a group, Arts Rising Collective, with more than 300 supporters, now with the purpose of creating an Arts Hub for the benefit of the local artists and the wider community in Stratford upon Avon and surrounding towns and villages.

While our main campaign is to secure an Arts Hub, we continue to organise networking events, guest speakers’ events and arts and craft fairs.

Our Vision...

Our mission is to support local artists and creatives, as well as connecting communities through the arts, including the provision of an Arts hub, and develop the local creative economy for residents, and the wider community, via workshops, classes, events, networking opportunities and artist studios.

ARC seeks to provide a welcoming, inclusive space, improve community well-being through the arts, provide an opportunity to learn new skills and socialise.



Our objectives...

  • Provide an inclusive hub for local creatives to operate from (studios, messy

  • space, exhibition space, co-working space, meeting space)

  • Provide workshops/classes, organise artistic and cultural events, professional

  • development opportunities, artist talks, studio visits, curatorial projects,

  • exhibitions and open studio events.

  • Provide a space where people can connect through art, and learn new skills

  • Collaborate with partners, investors, and cultural organisations in our area to promote the arts

  • Build on the national and international reputation of Stratford as a creative town.

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